Medical Acupuncture


Meggie Leicester

Ling is a great acupuncturist. She has treated me for a number of complaints over the years, from shoulder, back and knee problems to headaches, circulation and manopausal symptoms.

Ling uses a variety of tiniques and has a wealth of knowledge of both traditional and contemporary approaches. She often backs up her acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbal interventions. Just as importantly, she has a warm, compassionate yet ethical and boundaried approach which has made me feel accepted and safe during treatments. Highly recommended.

Anita, Chiswick

One of my friends says that she has been to lots of acupuncturists since she moved away but that Ling is the best by far. My husband had pneumonia & the consultant said he was not going away in four & a half weeks time as it would take him 6 weeks at least to clear it. Ling worked deeply & a lot & the X-ray at 4 weeks was clear & we have gone on holiday. We are driving across Europe & his energy is back to normal. I can’t recommend her enough. Plus she sorted out my very painful shoulder.

Roxanne, Ham

Ling Chen is a gem, I am so pleased to have found her; she is the best acupuncturist I have met. I had gallbladder pain, menopausal symptoms, stress levels and I also felt low in energy and exhaustion. The moment I met Ling, I felt I was in good hands. What impressed me were her accurate assessments on my pain and emotions, I was so thankful.  She understood, listened and supported me every moment I was with her in our sessions. I received about 6-8 treatments and my whole body has re-aligned itself and balanced out. My symptoms have all improved which has allowed me to get on with my life. I have already started recommending Ling to my friends and family. 

Maureen, Hampshire

Ling is very skilful in her approach to treatment.  In my experience, her diagnostic skills and ability to interpret symptoms are excellent and her treatments are accurate and effective. She listens with care and sensitivity, treats with equal care and efficiency and is always sympathetic, giving knowledgeable, wise and sensible advice as required or requested.  She has treated me for diverse conditions, including pain associated with severe osteo-arthritis of the knee, post-knee replacement surgery (scar tissue reduction and tendon/ligament rehabilitation), muscle tension and pain, plantar fasciitis, and menopausal symptoms, including sleep loss, anxiety and overheating. Ling is deeply kind and caring and I highly recommend her both for her personality and for her immense knowledge, experience and skill.

Janet, East Sheen

I was initially referred by my GP to see Ling for my arthritis knee joints and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 16 years ago. Ling treated me with great success. Not only my my knee pain went totally and my IBS symptoms disappeared completely.

I am now in my eighties and have had no operation or taken any drugs. Seeing Ling regularly and taken her advice for my health is now an established part of my life and well-being.

Emma, Richmond

I've been seeing Ling regularly for over 4 years now; she has helped me a lot with symptoms of the menopause; stress, anxiety, insomnia, the effects of treatment for breast cancer, as well as various acute ailments, including colds and flu. She has mainly used needles, and some Chinese herbs, but also occasionally cupping and moxibustion.

Ling is the real thing - trained in her native China and then again over here, immersed and steeped in Chinese Traditional Medicine - she regularly attends training and conferences, and is up to date with the latest developments and research. She has a very holistic approach, working well alongside medical treatment.

Ling has kept me going through some difficult times - calming my nervous system, balancing my hormones, boosting my immune system, speeding my recovery from operations and radiotherapy. She is also brilliant when you have a bad cold or flu: if you see her at the start of it, her treatment mitigates the symptoms and speeds recovery, quite unbelievably.

My friend who had a frozen shoulder for years, tried Ling with great success, after trying everything else. This is another area that I didn’t realise was so amenable to acupuncture. I highly recommend Ling!

Alan, Mortlake

Originally referred to Ling Chen by my GP in 2004, I have continued to consult and receive treatment from her for a variety of conditions. Outcomes have been most successful in all cases.

She creates a calm and relaxing environment for her patients. By listening to and observing her patient she pinpoints the best approach to the treatment. This is usually a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines.

Ling Chen is the ultimate professional dedicated to the well-being of her patients. I cannot recommend her highly enough. With Ling Chen you are in safe, kind and skilful hands.